About Us

  • During the first five years of life children grow and develop more rapidly than at any other time, the skills and attitudes developed during these years will remain with them throughout their lives.

    At Nursery Rhymes we provide enabling environments, full of opportunities for children to experiment and initiate their own learning activities, at their own pace.

    Each child is valued as an individual, high self esteem, respect for others, confidence and early independence are all encouraged.

    Above all, we aim for the children in our care to be happy and safe.

    Nursery Rhymes are an ‘In the moment planning’ setting and feel children benefit from child centered learning.

    Each child gets the opportunity to be a focus child where we gain insight from the parents on what their current interests are and what you the parents would like us to support your littles one with. This information is combined with our knowledge of your little one and used to create activities, provocations, and experiences to spark your littles curiosity and provide learning opportunities. Please take a look at our ethos below.

    • Rural Setting

      We encourage the children to explore our large gardens

    • Healthy Meals

      Freshly prepared meals from our in house cooks every day

    • Friendly Place

      All children are exceptionally well prepared
      for the next stage in their learning, including their move to school.

    • Children's Wellbeing

      A vibrant and inviting nursery where children are challenged to do their best

  • Rated Good by Ofsted

    Ofsted report February 2022
  • Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery Ethos

    Nursery Rhymes ethos is to provide a safe and loving home from home environment, where all children are encouraged to be independent, imaginative and curious. At Nursery Rhymes the children’s voices are heard and their interests are at the heart of everything we do, this is promoted by our free flow opportunities. Combined with the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to support each child to develop their individual intelligencies through play. Our Skilled teachers are on hand with their ‘suitcase of skills’ to ‘sprinkle the necessary learning’ as the children play and explore, giving them confidence to achieve their full potential.

    We pride ourselves on our outdoor environment that establishes opportunities for the children to explore and learn in the natural world, while taking measured risks with the assurance of competent teachers who encourage resilience and self-belief. We encourage our children to learn about the world around them and become adventurers in both our indoor and outdoor areas.

    Teachers are consistent when supporting children to understand boundaries and guidelines while ensuring children’s safety is paramount. The wellbeing and happiness of the children is at the forefront of our values. We provide opportunities for imaginative and creative play, so the children can open the door to their fantastic imagination where they believe anything can be a possibility.