Our Groups

Our nursery has three dedicated age groups
  • When your little one begins their journey at Nursery Rhymes, whatever age they may be they will be assigned a keyperson who will oversee their learning and development.

  • You will get the opportunity to meet your little one’s keyperson at your initial settling in session, where you will get to share with them all they need to know about your precious little one. Our children are split into different age groups as detailed below and all have their own large garden space to explore with equipment designed for each age and stage.

  • Babies 0–2 Years Old

    Babies are cared for in our homely baby unit that comprises of two large joining playrooms. One room is a hard floored room where the children can participate in art or messy play experiences, the other is a cosy carpeted room with lots of toys accessible, a cosy den area and a much loved and enjoyed ball pool area. Babies also have access to our ‘yellow room’ which is on their floor and offers the children a different area to explore with lots of sensory opportunities, for example our sequin touchy feely dinosaurs on the wall. Attachment is an important part of a child’s development, and we ensure your child has good continuity of care. Our staff are specially selected with skills and qualifications in this area and are experienced in supporting our youngest children to feel secure and loved, so therefore they get the most from their time in our setting. Information about your baby is shared with you on a daily basis through the Family app, also the staff ensure they offer a detailed handover about their experiences at nursery upon collection.

    Routine is very important for our little ones, so therefore at the settling in session we collect all information from the parents regarding bottle and sleep routines, therefore these can be mirrored within our setting.

  • Toddlers (Middlies) 2–3 Years Old

    Our Middlie group are given a wide range of stimulating, challenging and exciting activities to choose from. The children in this age group are always on the go, and enjoy lots of opportunities for physical play, particularly outdoor play.

    Our Middlies have a large playroom set out in areas, for example role play area, small world area and craft area. The children have the freedom to decide where they would like to play and the adults can join and extend their play experiences. They also have an attached decked area to their room which means the children can chose to play outdoors and head out to the decked area when they wish. On our decked area we have an easel, chalkboard, table for activities and large wooden blocks they enjoy building and creating obstacles courses with.

    At this age we start to encourage independence skills and during their snack times we encourage them to cut their own fruit with child safe knives and pour their own milk and water, the children love having the opportunity to be independent and the staff are always on hand to support where needed.

    Often during this age your child may show an interest in potty training, we will support both parents and little ones during this stage and follow your approach and offer advice if needed.
    Our Middlie children love to explore our garden space, often changing up what gardens they use to make the most of all the space on offer. They use the wild garden, the main garden and the orchard garden which all have different opportunities for the children to enjoy from turning over logs looking for bugs and collecting fruit from the trees in the orchard for baking.

  • Preschool (Biggies) 3-5 years

    The Biggies area is set up over 2 spacious playrooms with a sheltered decked area in between. Throughout the day the children free flow between the well thought out areas, choosing their own play and learning opportunities. This includes water play, arts and crafts, story area, home corner and more. Resources are carefully selected for the children based on their current interests and themes from around the world to inspire curiosity and imagination. Our children are heavily involved in their own learning, where practitioners will find out each child’s interests and ideas and work together to create opportunities and experiences to develop play skills and learning.

    Like all age groups within our nursery, the garden is a very special place in Biggies. Our children enjoy plenty of time out in the gardens, come rain or shine. Our practitioners provide the children with opportunities to problem solve and work together, this includes creating their own obstacles courses and vehicles with our selection of large loose parts. Our children are offered opportunities to take measured risks in our outdoor space, with adults on hand to offer support and encouragement. Biggies favourite outdoor experiences include, sand and water play, large construction, bug hunts and of course our annual outdoor classroom day. 

    Our children are offered opportunities to develop their independent skills throughout the day. This includes choosing and preparing their own snacks, working as a team to set up for mealtimes and helping to clear away by “doing their jobs”. Children learn about boundaries and expectations as part of their daily routine, this includes following the special circle time rules.

    When it is time to say goodbye to our children to go off school, we ensure that their journey at nursery is celebrated by hosting a very special graduation day. Our children and their parents are invited to the graduation ceremony and gorgeous little gowns and caps are provided. We sing songs, hire entertainment and share stories of each child’s journey with us.

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