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  • Do you provide breakfast?

    We do not provide breakfast but the children do have a mid-morning snack of fresh fruit.

    How much time do the children get to access the outdoor space?

    The children get access to the garden every day (morning and afternoon) and we provide wellies, waterproofs, sun hats and sun cream so we can go out whatever the weather.

    Do you take childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare payments?

    Yes we take all childcare vouchers, just please let us know what company you would like to use. We also take payments from the tax-free childcare scheme

    Are you staff first aid trained?

    We pride ourselves on having all staff first aid trained, so they are able to deal with any situations that arrive effectively.

    What times are you open?

    The nursery is open from 8.00am until 6.00pm on Mondays through to Fridays. We are closed on all bank holidays and for a week at Christmas.

    What is the role of the key person?

    Each child at Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery is allocated a key person. This is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that ensures each child is taken care of by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of their needs, likes and dislikes. Your child’s key person is someone with whom they can strike up a bond with that will help them to feel confident, secure and settled whilst at the nursery.

    Do you offer the 30 hours funding?

    Yes, Nursery Rhymes will be offering the 30 hours funding.

    What meals/snacks do you provide?

    We believe that healthy and nutritious meals are of great importance. All of our food is freshly prepared and cooked in our own kitchen on a daily basis. Meals/snacks include morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and high tea. Our menus are nutritionally balanced and we have 3 different weekly menus so each week is different. Special dietary requirements are catered for depending on your child’s needs. There is no extra charge for this it is included in the daily fees.

    What drinks do you provide?

    Children may have breast milk, formula milk, milk or water to drink. We serve bottles of milk according to the timetable you dictate and we adapt this on a regular basis as your child develops. If you are breastfeeding we are happy for you to provide breast milk for us to feed your little one. All children have access to water beakers/bottles throughout the day and these are easily accessible so they can help themselves throughout the day.

    Do you provide nappies?

    Nappies are provided at Nursery Rhymes, we provide Pampers nappies and also a basic nappy cream. The children are changed at least 3 times a day: in the morning, after lunch, before going home and whenever your child requires a nappy change outside of these times.

    Care provided at Nursery Rhymes:

    We follow your routine and will support you with any changes to your child’s routine i.e. with potty training or reducing/cutting out naps.

    Policies and procedures:

    We have a large range of policies and procedures in place which you are welcome to read, these ensure the nursery is a safe environment for your children.

    Do you have a Registration Form?

    If you want to sign up your Child for a place at Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery then do pop in or if you want you can fill in the Registration Form

    Where can I find your fees?

    Please contact us for our up-to-date fee structure.

    Do you have social media?

    We have a Facebook page where we post updates about what’s happening at Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery. We will only ever post pictures of Children who’s parents have consent for us to do so. Many parents like seeing and being able to share photos, others do not, and we do respect your wishes. Here at Nursery Rhymes we always ensure the photos that we do share of the children are not their faces (only side profile, overhead images or backs of head) this is because we believe this is the safest way of sharing images on social media for all our customers to see.

    How can I view your Ofsted report?

    We have received a Good rating at our latest inspection. Click to read the latest report.

    Are you open at Christmas and on bank holidays?

    Unfortunately not. We are closed on all bank holidays and for a week at Christmas.