Outdoor Classroom Day

  • What is Outdoor Classroom Day you ask?

  • Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child’s day. On two days of action each year, teachers take children outdoors to play and learn. All year round, the Outdoor Classroom Day community campaigns for more time outdoors every day.

    Here at Nursery Rhymes we have a strong ethos for outdoor learning so therefore join the campaign for an annual outdoor classroom day in our wild garden for our Preschool children.

    Anyone who has seen the impact that learning and playing outdoors has on children knows how powerful such experiences can be. Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently, and gets children feeling challenged and excited by learning.

    Children are more active when they play outdoors; it is essential for their healthy development and enjoyment of childhood.

    Play is important too!

    Children who have the freedom to play today- make friends, getting lost in the moment, having fun – are better prepared for whatever tomorrow throws at them. Playing helps children build friendships, test their own boundaries and solve their own problems. It’s central to a child’s development and to their enjoyment of childhood.

    During the day, the children have the opportunity to be part of a range of outdoor activities including making dens, bug hunts, scavenger hunt, mud kitchen, magical woodland potions, leaf rubbings, clay faces, making stick men and lots more!

    We have all our meals in the garden too! With chilli and jackets around our pretend camp fire for lunch and hot chocolate to keep us all warm.

    At Nursery Rhymes, we already have welly boots and weather proof suits alongside sun hats and suncream for the children so we are prepared for any weather.

    • “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.

      Alfred Wainwright