Meet Our Pets

  • Meet our Remarkable Rabbits Binky and Fleur

    We introduced Binky into our nursery family in November 2020 when he was a tiny 8-week-old rabbit. Binky has won the hearts of all the staff and children with his playful character and gentle nature. Binky enjoys playing with his stacking cups to find treats and taking long naps in his pen.

    Over the Christmas break 2022, we introduced 3-year-old Fleur to the family. Fleur is such a gentle rabbit, who enjoys snuggling up to Binky and eating hay. Fleur has also taken to the children really well and likes lots of strokes and tickles on her head.

    Charlotte takes Binky and Fleur home in the evenings and weekends, where they enjoy a little peace and quiet before a fun week at nursery.

    We encourage the children at nursery to help take care of the rabbits at by ensuring they have water and hay; this helps to teach the children responsibility. The children also learn how to stroke and play with the rabbits gently. The rabbits can offer some lovely comfort and companionship for the children when desired. Our rabbits are also a great talking point with the children, where we can discuss healthy and unhealthy foods, what can make the rabbits feel happy and sad, as well as commenting on what the rabbits are doing.

  • Meet our Darling Ducks Puddles and Lucky

    Puddles hatched at nursery in March 2016, a very tiny and fluffy duckling. Since then, Puddles has let her sassy character shine through. She likes to make herself heard in the mornings. Puddles can be quite friendly and playful and enjoys taking food from adults’ hands. She loves to explore the garden in search of insects and worms.

    Lucky also hatched at nursery in April 2017. Lucky is a quirky little duck who makes the children laugh with her funny ways. This includes making her grownups chase her around the pen at bedtime.

    Puddles and Lucky both love to splash in water trays in the summer sun and take long snoozes under the hedges in the garden. We do have to remind the ducks that they are ducks and not children when they tap at the office door and even sometimes sneak inside to play.

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