A sad time of year at Nursery Rhymes as we bid farewell to our school leavers

August 1, 2017

On Friday 14th July we had our Preschool Graduation, it was a lovely ceremony in which all the School Leavers get together and all parents come along to celebrate their time with us. Some of these children have been with us since they were babies.

The children wear their graduation cloaks and mortarboard caps and sing their graduation songs they have been learning to their parents, a poem is also read from their Preschool staff to wish them well.


You’re a very special person,

And we wanted you to know,

How much we enjoyed being your teachers.

How fast the years did go!

Please come back to visit us.  As through the years you grow,

Try hard to learn all that you can, there is so much to know!

The one thing we tried to teach you, to last the whole life through,

Is to know that you are SPECIAL, there is no one else like you!


We were very lucky with the weather and the children and parents all enjoyed this lovely ceremony.

After the ceremony was completed parents all got the opportunity to talk whilst the parents went off to enjoy some yummy strawberries and cream, lemon drizzle cake (homemade by one of our Deputy Managers) and a cold beverage.

After this the children then got the opportunity to get their parents involved in a fun treasure hunt, they had to collect 6 pictures around the garden to go in their school bag treasure hunt pack and then got to come and collect their prizes.

The children did not go away empty handed as they received a goody pack (which included a pencil with their name on, a pad, rubber, sweets and some bubbles) they also received a cupcake in a box, a book about going to school, their certificate to commemorate them graduating nursery, a photo of them in their cloak and mortarboard and a year book with all of their preschool friends in to keep and remember their time at Nursery Rhymes.


Take a look at this video taken by the Gloucester live team of our special day

We would like to take this opportunity to say it has been a pleasure to look after all of these children and we know that they will have a fantastic time at big school. They will be sadly missed at Nursery Rhymes ☹

Spring is on it’s way and Nursery Rhymes are very excited