Spring is on it’s way and Nursery Rhymes are very excited

February 27, 2017

Spring is such a lovely time of year especially at our rural setting, there are beautiful flowers popping up and the weather is getting a lot brighter which means lots more time outside to explore. With 4 beautiful gardens, we love to explore and see what flowers we can find, this year we have some gorgeous purple flowers popping up in all gardens which the children love to look at.









As the weather is improving we are using our decking’s a lot more and can have lots of fresh air as we play on these and have lots of messy activities. It’s also the time of year where our ducks start laying and on Monday 20th February we discovered our first egg in the duck enclosure and we are eagerly awaiting some more ready to go in our incubator.

We discovered our ducks had laid another egg on Thursday 23rd February, we are now just awaiting 5 more eggs and then we will have enough to put in our incubator then we can see the eggs hatch in house which the children thoroughly enjoyed last year.


We have loved looking at daffodils in Preschool and even had a go a drawing some, take a look

Middlies have enjoyed creating some daffodils also.

Babies have thoroughly enjoyed playing outdoors in their own garden in the Orchard.


Upcoming events at Nursery Rhymes

We will be doing some planting in the coming months so keep an eye out and see what your little ones will be growing.

In March we will be doing lots of activities for Comic Relief Red Nose Day, we will update you nearer the time of what activities will be going on. Any donations for Red Nose day will be greatly received for a wonderful cause.

We will be having lots of outdoor activities to enjoy this beautiful time of year, there will of course be lots of craft happening for Mother’s Day and Easter so watch this space.

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